Stop Teeth Grinding to Keep Your Teeth & Implants Intact

There are many reasons for a TMJ disorder, such as chronic teeth grinding, alignment issues, jaw injury, or arthritis. Whatever the cause, Dr. Hansen has a simple and effective solution: a mouthguard. It will act as a barrier between your teeth and stop you from putting pressure on your jaw. While there are many store-bought solutions, a custom-made mouthguard gives you unique benefits:

  • Long-Lasting – Our mouthguard can last you for years with proper care. You won’t have to keep replacing it every few months.
  • Easy to Wear – Your oral appliance is comfortable and customized for you. You’ll barely notice you are wearing it!
  • Durable – A store-bought bite guard can crack easily. A custom bite guard will better withstand the force of your clenching or grinding.

In addition to a mouthguard, other treatments may be effective at relieving your TMJ pain. Orthodontic treatment can correct alignment problems that trigger this disorder. We offer clear aligners, which can straighten your teeth in about 12 to 18 months. It even works for patients with implants! Dr. Hansen may also recommend other restorative treatments to repair uneven or misaligned teeth. His goal is to ensure you have a smile that functions properly.

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