Mini Dental Implants Will Keep Your Teeth in Place

Implants function much like your natural tooth roots. They keep your teeth in place and give you a strong bite while protecting you from bone loss in your jaw. Mini implants work similarly, but they’re smaller in diameter. So while they don’t give you as strong of a bite as full-sized implants, they still offer many benefits:

  • Less Invasive – Getting mini implants is simpler, because Dr. Hansen makes a smaller opening to place them in your jaw.
  • Faster Healing – You can expect minimal discomfort after the procedure, and your mouth will heal quickly.
  • Secure Dentures – Your dentures will stay in place, so you can avoid embarrassing slippage.
  • Better Jaw Health – These smaller implants still benefit your jawbone health by preventing bone loss.

Dr. Hansen can pair your mini implants with a crown, bridge, or dentures. You’ll have a good foundation for your replacement teeth and stronger oral function.

For mini dental implants in Moscow, call 208-203-7663 for a consultation at only $235 (a $485 value).