Find Dental Services That Keep Your Smile Strong

When a child visits a dentist their whole family sees, it’s easier for them to relax during their appointments. That’s why we welcome family members of all ages. We’ll start your child off right with general dental care. We also have a full range of treatments to meet the needs of every family member. Our services include:

  • General Dentistry – Your teeth will stay healthy with regular cleanings and exams. We’ll also ensure your implants and other restorations remain in good condition.
  • Cosmetic Dentistry – Beautify your smile with cosmetic treatments, including complete smile makeovers. With digital technology, you can even preview the outcome before we begin.
  • Clear Aligners – Straighten your teeth with discreet clear aligners. They are more comfortable than braces and work in less time too. You can remove them for meals and oral hygiene.
  • Restorative Dental Care – Repair damaged, diseased, or missing teeth with restorative care. We can create crowns, inlays, and onlays in our office. You’ll leave with your new restoration in just one visit!
  • TMJ Treatment – Protect your teeth from damage and relieve jaw pain with a custom oral appliance.

Our Implant Solutions Can Save Your Smile

As you will discover, Dr. Hansen’s expertise is dental implants. Because of his years of experience, he teaches other dentists about implants. As a member of the advisory board of Implant Direct, he uses the latest technologies and treatment techniques for your implant procedure. If you or a loved one want to replace missing teeth or secure dentures, our practice is the place to visit. Our implant solutions include:

  • Implant Dentures – This full-arch implant bridge is anchored by implants. It stays fixed in place and functions like your natural teeth.
  • Full-Mouth Reconstruction – If you have issues that require multiple treatments, Dr. Hansen will create a plan to restore your smile.
  • Same-Day Smile – It may be possible for you to leave our office with a complete set of new teeth in just one appointment.
  • Mini Dental Implants – For patients who have experienced bone loss, mini implants can secure your new teeth and improve your bite strength.
  • Traditional Dentures – You can replace an entire arch of teeth with conventional removable dentures.

Make an appointment with a family dentist in Moscow. Call 208-203-7663 or request an appointment online. You can schedule a implant or dentures consultation for only $235 (a $485 value!).